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Hi there! I'm Cassie Barringer.

I have lived in North Carolina for my entire life, but after college I decided to adventure my way south. I now reside in the historic town of Charleston, South Carolina. My passion for photography came about during my college years and some time after when I decided to travel abroad. Ever since then, my love for photography has flourished. My main focus is portraits but I have a wide variety of interest which are all centered around the same thing, moments. 


Being able to be apart of a special moment in someone's life is what drew me into this business but having the ability to be able to capture those authentic moment is what led me right here, right now. Having this ability is rare and is something I am extremely passionate about. I started out doing photography in college taking film and dark room classes. This was the start of something wonderful and the start of the love I have for this extraordinary art. My goals are to capture a child's laugh, a bride and grooms love for one another, a seniors excitement in their eyes for the future, a sweet touch between a mother and father and their bright eyed baby. This is what life is all about, these rare and authentic moments. This is what I want my photography to be all about and I hope to help capture these moments for you.


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"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


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